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NQ Dry Tropics website

NQ Dry Tropics’ website. Find information about the company’s projects, people and resources, the latest NRM news, and contacts. Access Annual Reports, Case Studies and updates on our programs.

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Landholders Driving Change

Website for the Landholders Driving Change project, a Major Integrated Project in the Bowen, Bogie, Broken (BBB) rivers catchment. The project focuses on improving land management, pasture cover and the quality of water running off to the reef. Access LDC publications, The Grit and The Dirt.

NRM 10-year Plan

THE 10-year community plan for Natural Resource Management in the Burdekin Dry Tropics up until 2026. This plan outlines high-level strategies for organisations and people working in NRM to meet the challenges of change in the region.

Online Library

Our online reference library has more than 350 publications on a wide range of subjects from identification and control of weeds through to a 10 year plan for improving water quality on the Great Barrier Reef. And it’s all available free of charge.

Beach scrub Behold the beauty
of our beach scrub
A HEALTHY Beach Scrub is a beautiful environment, a cool, calm shelter between headland and beach.
And it's so-often overlooked by the people who live nearby.
Read more
SystemRepair Look at the difference
NRM can make!
This is the difference a Natural Resource Management group can make. NQ Dry Tropics, working in conjunction with other agencies, has delivered for the Lower Burdekin. Read more
P2R Read more Software an aid
for Paddock to Reef
A WEB-based tool is helping NQ Dry Tropics prioritise projects according to water quality benefits when working with sugarcane growers to improve their farming practices.
CEO note Read more Recognise the true
value of NRM model
Natural Resource Management... it’s not just about promoting environmental sustainability, improving water and soil health, or protecting biodiversity.
Quiz Play now Fun quiz to test
your knowledge
Test how much you know about the beef cattle industry in the NQ Dry Tropics NRM region. (It's difficult... even the author got some wrong before doing the research).
More to learn
at our website
THERE'S a wealth of information available at the NQ Dry Tropics website, even a free on-line library with almost 400 publications available. Read more
Publications Read more Read one of our
on-line publications
OUR Annual Report, Strategic Plan, and the NRM and Water Quality Improvement plans are all available in an easy-to-read format online.
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