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NQ Dry Tropics is a Natural Resource Management group promoting best practice management of land, water and biodiversity in the Burdekin dry tropics.

Across Sustainable Agriculture, Protecting Biodiversity, Waterways, Wetlands and Coasts, the Landholders Driving Change project and Strategy and Partnerships — NQ Dry Tropics works on multiple projects simultaneously aiming to improve primary producers’ sustainability and resilience, while also  improving the quality of water flowing from land onto the Great Barrier Reef.

This is a precis of one of our projects.

NQ Dry Tropics’ Conserving Brigalow Corridors in the Burdekin project is aimed at improving  the condition of remnant vegetation.

Some, but not all, brigalow ecosystems are considered threatened ecological communities (TECs).

These TECs are home to 17 threatened species.

The Conserving Brigalow Corridors project is helping to control pests and weeds in key connectivity areas in the Suttor Catchment.

Pasha Station grazier John Heelan is flanked by Ecological Interpretations field botanist and ecologist Chris Khaler and NQ Dry Tropics Biodiversity Project Officer JJ Walker.

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NQ Dry Tropics’ Conserving Brigalow Corridors in the Burdekin project, funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program 2, is helping landholders increase the connectivity between brigalow corridors by improving the quality of brigalow habitat.

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