Briefs #5 | NQ Dry Tropics news
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Cochineals eat out for a grand victory

A COMPREHENSIVE victory is within sight in a battle being waged in an inconspicuous patch of beach scrub near Bowen. The “enemy” – an infestation of drooping prickly pear that threatened to overwhelm the native beach scrub vegetation – is almost completely destroyed, and the “battlefield” is strewn with the dead or dying.

New program supports cane growers

NQ Dry Tropics has been engaged to develop and oversee a four-year Lower Burdekin Regional Water Quality Program, in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help farmers improve management practices and adopt new technologies – while improving the quality of water flowing into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Gates improve connectivity for fish

CONSTRUCTION work will begin next month on two automated gates and fishways on Saltwater Creek, near Ayr. The gates will improve the efficiency of water delivery to local farms and the aquifer, while the fishways constructed alongside will support native species such as barramundi and mangrove jack to travel through the creek system.

Burdekin growers use less nitrogen

BURDEKIN cane farmers on 16 farms participating in the Reef Tender – Burdekin project have reduced the amount of nitrogen applied to their crops by more than 700 tonnes… without affecting the quality or quantity of sugar cane grown.

CAP support to manage country

THE 146,000 square kilometre Burdekin Dry Tropics region features tropical savanna, woodlands and grasslands, mountainous rainforests, major river systems and coral reefs, spectacular ecosystems facing many threats according to NQ Dry Tropics’ Protecting Biodiversity team.